Monday, March 8, 2010

Medical Team at the Rehab Center- Monday

The medical team spent a very emotion day at the rehab center. We saw 143 ish patients. They were all so brave and very appreciative. 38 extractions were done on some very grateful dental patients. The Doctors were amazing and we are so fortunate to have them with this team. Being part of the dental team I truly witnessed Gods work. We did some very difficult extractions that would typically turn out to be very challenging even with the most advanced equipment. However we were blessed because we did not have any major complications. The compassion that was shown today made me very proud to be apart of this mission. It was a very humbling experience. We are all looking forward to what God has planned for us the rest of the week. `Everyone is doing well. Please continue to pray for our team and the people in Nicaragua. God is doing amazing things.

Shannon Richkowski

This trip has just started off pretty amazingly. The scenery is beautiful, and the people are so kind. Today at the rehab center I got to interact with most of the patients. There were a few that were able to speak English, which was great, because I speak hardly any Spanish. It was great to hear why people were in this situation. There were people as old as 55 and some were as young as 10. One person who I will probably never forget is 10 year old Moises. He was so sweet, kind and had a very touching story. When he was little he had a mosquitoe net catch on fire while it was around him so he was burned pretty bad. And when we asked why he was there, he said 'because I was on the streets too much.' I cannot imaigine being 10 and not having my parents taking care of me. Please be praying that the rest of this trip continues to be a true blessing.

Joy Anna Rowell

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